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Hello! Welcome to Sober Colorado Kids. SCK for short.

     My name is Eli Kraftowitz. I’m a 26-year-old in recovery. I decided to start SCK because I saw a need in my own life for a safe, loving, and inspiring community of people who can get together regularly to engage in fun, healthy, and sober social activities. If you made your way here, I suspect you might be looking for the same thing.

     We are based in Colorado, a place of incredible natural beauty and opportunities to enjoy it. There's no better environment for strangers, friends, and family struggling with addiction and day-to-day life to come together and meet up, have fun, and above all, heal. I'd like to be a conduit to that fun and healing, all while helping you rediscover your inner child and meet lifelong friends.

     Over the years I have done hundreds of hours of therapy, met with a handful of private and group therapists, gone to three in-patient treatment centers, went to a wilderness therapy program for 8 weeks, been to a handful of NA/AA meetings, and have done a ton of drugs and drinking. My experiences have led me to the conclusion that for many adults, especially younger ones who suffer from addiction, one of the things that makes it so difficult to stay sober is the fact that we don’t know fun without drugs and alcohol.

     Regardless of what people say… drugs and alcohol are fun, otherwise we wouldn’t do them. But for those of us who can’t control ourselves, fun becomes life consuming, fun destroys relationships, fun makes us doubt and question ourselves, fun... becomes an illness.

     Sober Colorado Kids is an idea I came up with when working on my own recovery from alcohol. I began to be vulnerable and completely open on social media about my addictions, depression, self-destructive behavior,​ and struggles. To my surprise, dozens of friends, casual acquaintances, and even total strangers reached out to me. I found that I was nowhere near alone, and many people are grappling with the same things.

     I want to help people struggling (or who have struggled) with addiction meet other people in similar circumstances. I want to organize meetups, so we can show each other how much fun a sober life can be, TOGETHER! I would like to create a safe community where anyone can enjoy activities, laugh, bond, cry, and share stories. I want people to have a place where they know they’re not alone and can express themselves freely, without judgment. I'd also love for it to become a place where we can find lifelong friends and relationships.

     The only requirement to attend SCK events is that you attend events sober! Even if you aren't quite sure you’re ready for total sobriety, that's okay. We are not judgmental. If you're only looking for sobriety from a certain substance, that is OK! For many of us it took years, even decades, to decide sobriety is what we wanted or needed and we understand that everyones sobriety and recovery looks different. Concerned family and friends are welcome as well, but the requirement stays the same for everyone, you must attend sober.

     I believe sobriety is very much a personal journey that may become a group journey only when you say it should be. Your sobriety is your own and should go without judgment. If you don't have a problem with certain things, or only wish to stop using specific substances, that is entirely your decision. But I hope that throughout building this community together, we can open the eyes of many addicts and alcoholics to the amazing opportunities and possibilities of a life without substances.

     I will be organizing fun activities together on a regular basis, eventually hopefully leading up to weekly events. Whether it's hiking, biking, backpacking, bowling, yoga in the park, movie nights, or sober group trips to music festivals... you name it and I'll arrange it. Together we are stronger than ever and together we can change our lives. You are not and will never be alone with SCK. I am look forward to seeing you at the next event!

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