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My Happy Hour

Happy hour is one of those things that would constantly pull me into a bar. I would see a sign for $2 shots, $3 beers, 1/2 off wings and would be so excited to go inside and still spend $100+. However in the last 37 days I have replaced one happy hour, with another.

My happy hour went from costing me $100 to $1-$5. My happy hour is now the hour that I GET to spend with my home group meeting at 8:30pm every night. Which coincidentally was the same time I would usually go to the bar across the street each day. My happy hour went from wasting money, driving home drunk, harming people I love, and waking up hungover to spending an hour with a group of people who love, support, and understand me. People who will be there for me at my lowest points and pull me from the edge.

This is my hour that no matter what it is I went through during the day, no matter how sad, mad, or upset I got, will pull me out and bring me happiness. I've cried during meetings, shared about my suicidal ideation, laughed, yelled, you name it. But every single time I walk out of that room and talk to my people, there is a massive weight lifted off my shoulders... I feel happy.

I couldn't have asked for a better happy hour!

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